Trax Courier Tracking

TRAX Couriers is one of the best yet fastest courier services in Pakistan & United States. You can now do Trax Courier Tracking online with Pro Trackings which is a free service offered by us. With that being said, Trax express provides exceptional services with an online courier tracking facility. It not only helps to detect or locate the parcel but also helps to find out exactly in which service center the parcel is currently held. You can do trax tracking by entering the details below:

Here is the step-by-step process for Trax Couriers Tracking Online:

  • Locate your Consignment Number
  • In the above box, enter your consignment number
  • After that, click on Track my Courier
  • A pop-up will appear containing details related to your parcels

Trax Couriers Tracking Online

Trax Courier Tracking is simple to use. Just enter your tracking number into the tracking system and you will be able to see the current location of your shipment, as well as its estimated time of arrival. You can also set up alerts so that you are notified when your shipment has been delivered. In addition, Trax Courier Tracking provides you with valuable insights into the shipping process, so you can see where bottlenecks occur and make changes to improve efficiency. This data is presented in an easy-to-understand format, so you can quickly identify areas for improvement.

Trax Express Tracking

When it comes to real-time or live tracking, Trax Express Tracking Status services help a lot. To track your real-time couriers or Trax shipment, the sonic Trax express provides online an online portal for the customers for their ease so that they can check the live status of the parcels and where are they held. That’s why we offer free tracking services to people with a variety of tracking services to ensure that their packages always arrive on time. With a state-of-the-art tracking system, you can rest assured knowing that your shipment is in good hands.

How to Check Trax Express Delivery Online

Trax Express is a leading provider of express courier services. With over 30 years of experience, they have the knowledge and expertise to get your parcels delivered on time and in perfect condition. They offer a range of services including next-day, two-day, international, and same-day delivery. For businesses, Trax Express provides a way to send documents and packages quickly and efficiently. For individuals, the service can be used for sending important items such as medications or passports. Checking the status of a Trax Express delivery is simple and can be done online.

  1. Lastly, you can check the status of your parcel by simply:
  2. Entering your parcel’s Consignment Number
  3. Verify that it’s correct
  4. Then click on track Trax couriers

Trax Logistics Tracking

Not only does Trax Logistics offer tracking services, but also provides real-time updates on the status of shipments. This way, you can always stay up-to-date on the whereabouts of your package and make changes to your delivery schedule if need be. In addition to Trax Logistics tracking and real-time updates, Trax Couriers also offers a money-back guarantee on all services. However, trax promises to do everything in its power to get your shipment to its destination on time. If for some reason Trax is unable to do so, you will receive a full refund.

Methods to do Trax Tracking

Trax is providing the best and most real-time solutions to provide users with ease when it comes to tracking. You simply need to follow the methods. There are 3 most efficient methods that you can use to track your parcels.

1- Trax Tracking Online:

To track your couriers online, you just need a parcel CN number which you need to enter above for online tracking.

2- Trax Phone Number Tracking:

You can also track your parcels by sending a text or you can Call Trax. The details to track your parcels are:

  • Your CN Number
  • Parcel Details and Your personal details

Trax Phone Number for Tracking: +021-111-118-729

3- Trax Email Parcel Tracking:

Email tracking is also a possible way you can use to track your parcels easily. For that purpose, you need to simply send an email to: [email protected]

The email must need to follow the same pattern, that is:

  • Your CN Number
  • Your personal and parcel details

Benefits of Trax Courier Tracking

Trax Courier Tracking is a couriering service that offers its clients various benefits. One of these benefits is that Trax courier tracks the movement of its couriers in real time. This gives their clients the ability to track their own courier’s progress, and also to view any changes that may have been made to the route. Another benefit of Trax courier tracking is that it allows clients to see the estimated time of arrival for their courier. This can be beneficial for those who need to plan their day around the arrival of their trax courier.  Trax Courier Tracking offers numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. With Trax Courier Tracking, you can:

  • Save time by tracking multiple shipments at once
  • Improve customer service by providing accurate ETAs
  • Reduce shipping costs by identifying areas for improvement
  • Gain valuable insights into your shipping process

Finally, Trax courier tracking also offers clients the ability to view the history of their courier’s movements. This can be useful for those who want to track the progress of their trax courier over time. In summary, Trax courier tracking offers many benefits to its clients that make it an essential tool for anyone who uses a Trax courier service.

About Trax:

Trax Express has a wide range of service areas not only in Pakistan but also in the United States & Canada. There are about 350 service centers across different provinces of the United States and Canada. The potential or targeted customers of Trax Express range from small businesses to big giant companies and with its online customer support, there is no way a customer can complain about the services.


What is the Best Way to do Trax Tracking?

As anyone who has ever used a courier service knows, tracking an order can be a challenge. There are a number of different ways to track an order, but the best way to track order is through Trax Online Tracking.

How long Trax takes to deliver?

Trax Courier Service provides same-day delivery services but in some cases, it might up to 3 to 5 business days if the parcel is located outside the city.

What is Trax sonic tracking?

Trax sonic tracking is a new courier service that uses sound to track packages. Trax sonic tracking uses high-frequency sound waves to track packages as they travel through the Trax courier network. To do Trax Sonic Tracking, you can use the same above box to track.


Trax Courier Service is a leading provider of same-day delivery services in the United States, Canada, and Pakistan. Trax has a network of over 10,000 Trax couriers nationwide who are ready to pick up and deliver your parcels as soon as you need them. Trax offers a variety of delivery options to meet your needs, including express, overnight, and standard delivery.

For tracking purposes, you can use Trax tracking for online parcel tracking.

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