Leopard Courier Rates 2023 [Updated]

In recent times, Leopards have added a range of products and services to make customers comfortable, including overland transport, to make cheaper item delivery. The rates for sending parcels of various weights can also be found below.

Note: Holidays and Sunday deliveries require Rs. 200 service costs. And the rate of your parcel is dependent on the weight and delivery distance.

Leopard Courier Rates

The rates may vary according to city, time, distance, and weight. In the town, the price remains the same for all types of packages. All kinds of rate lists of leopard couriers are listed below.

COD Services Weight Inside City Nationwide Additional Kg
Overnight 500 Grams – 1 Kg Rs. 170 – Rs. 240 Rs. 180 – 250 Rs. 150 – Rs. 180
Economy 5 Kg Rs. 400 Rs. 400 Rs. 80
Overland 10 Kg Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs. 60 – Rs. 70


Leopard Overnight Rates:

  • Rs.170 to Rs.240 for 500 Grams – 1kg and Rs.180 per extra Kg. This is for goods transported within the same province.
  • For Nationwide Rs.180 to Rs.250 for 500 Grams – 1kg also and an additional charge of Rs. 130 for every 500 grams addition.
  • For a different province, Rs 200 for 1kg and Rs 180 for a further 1 Kg.

Leopard Yellow Box:

Intended for big/large shipments. It is safe and prevents damage or interior breakage. Take your cargo to one of our express locations, and Leopard employees will assist you. Also, note that for this service, the rates are:

  • The Leopard Yellow Box is rated Rs 200 per kg- this decreases with an increase in box size, up to Rs 2500 for 25 kg parcels for a different region, and an additional Rs 120 for every increase in kilo.
  • Parcels within the same province will attract a fee of Rs. 160 for 1kg, 160 for an additional 1kg and Rs. 270 for 2kg, and Rs. 1,700 for 25 kg for the same region while Rs.2500 for different provinces respectively.

If you want to check your parcels, do Leopard Tracking here.

Leopard Overland:

  • This service is for packages weighing more than 10kgs.
  • Packages weighing up to 10kg can be transported to the same or different Zones. For the same zone, the rate is Rs. 400 – Rs. 600 with Rs. 80 with every 1kg increase in weight; for different Zones, the rate is Rs. 600 and an additional Rs. 70 with every 1 kg increase.

Leopard Economy:

  • Most economically heavy shipping packages within two days.
  • For packages, up to 5kilograme, the rate is Rs. 400 for every Province within Pakistan and an additional Rs. 80 in each kg.

Leopard Flyer:

The safe and secure documents, phones, and passport shipments.

  • 350 within the same province and an additional Rs. 160 per kilo for papers up to 1 kilogram.
  • 380 and additional Rs. 180 per kg for documents with a maximum of 1 kg in another province.
  • 380 throughout Pakistan and additional Rs. 380 per kilo for mobile phones and passports of about 1 kg.
  • Note: 5 percent mobile insurance fee for above Rs, 10,000.

International delivery customers can use the nifty tool to determine the prices where weight and destination may be inserted and precise numbers obtained. Pick-up service from Monday to Saturday is also offered. Pick-up is available free of charge.

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