Leopard Courier COD

Leopards courier brought about this service to make aid medium and small-scale businesses to sell their products in other cities with ease, up to about 1400 locations nationwide. Leopards Courier Cash-On-Delivery (COD) service sees to it that your orders are delivered with utmost smoothness, with a very insignificant risk of fraud.

Leopard Courier COD Services:

With COD, customers can choose products they want for home delivery and make payments when the product is delivered to them. Leopard has a wide range of support services to make the Cash-On-Delivery seamless for customers, one of which is the premium COD portal designed for service and shipment tracking while keeping you updated on all of your transactions regards your shipments.

It is worthy of note that one can save time by using Leopard’s automated warehousing solutions. It is possible to hire a team of IT professionals to maintain or develop your website. Leopards Courier COD service comes with premium features such as fast and secure transmission by Airmail/land, fast and assured delivery, safe and secured handling, safe and secured handling, customized key account management, safe and secure handling, and weight limit of up to 35 Kg. The delivery of shipments is usually organized within two working days- this is immediately after a representative at the Leopards courier service office has received your shipment. If you already have done with a parcel then you can do Leopard Tracking Online here.

Leopard courier is providing the best COD service in Pakistan. They are providing convenient and affordable services connecting buyers and suppliers across the country.

Leopard COD Packages/Rates

  1. Overnight Packages equal to 500 Grams cost around Rs.170 & for any additional Kg, it’s Rs.150 Extra will be charged.
  2. Overnight Packages range from 500 Grams to 1 Kg and cost around Rs.170 to 240 for both Zone A and B it’s Rs.245 and for every additional Kg, it costs around Rs.180.
  3. The economy Package equals 5 Kg inside the city and costs around Rs.400 (for both zones as well) & Rs.80 for any additional Kg.
  4. Overland Packages that involve around 10 Kg costs around Rs.600 (same for both zone A & B) and for any additional Kg, Rs.60-70 will be charged.

For Complete Rate Details, you can check Leopard Rates.

How to Open a COD Account in Leopard Courier

The supplier has to register and open an account. The process is given below.

  • Go to the nearest franchise or go here.
  • Please fill out the form and submit it online or at the office
  • Once approved, you can start using leopard courier COD service
  • The cash received from clients will be transferred to the account.

If you have any queries related to their COD service, you can call the service center or visit the nearest service center.

Materials/Products that Are Not Acceptable

Some materials that are not acceptable for transportation, are currency, Plants, Bullion, Antiques, Liquor, Stamps, Precious Metals, Plants, jewelry, Drugs, Fire Arms, Animals, Precious Stones, Perishable goods and items, hazardous or combustible materials, Obscene and Industrial Carbons and Diamonds, Explosives, Lewd Objects, Negotiable Instruments in bearer form, and all other items restricted by International Civil Aviation Organization-ICAO, International Air Transport Association-IATA, and any item whose distribution is prohibited by law or by-law of both the Provincial and the Federal Government of Pakistan.

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